Life has finally caught up with me this second week of March. I visited my cousin Joy in Pittsburgh the end of last week and through the weekend and had a marvelous time. But as always, when you go away…when you come back…you’ve got to get back into the groove. I came home to a very busy week ahead of myself. As a result, I forgot about my “Note of Encouragement” So I have decided that next week I will send two and make up for the one I missed this week.

As I stated, I came home to a very busy week. I had my Bible study gang coming over to  my house on Wednesday morning, committed to volunteer at our church with some secretarial duties Tuesday as well as a PTA meeting the same evening, a  parent meeting for volleyball for my oldest son, not to mention the numerous drop offs and pick ups for after school activities. Oh, did I mention my hubby was away this week on business. If you throw in homework, a sick child, preparation to speak at PTA meeting, cleaning for Wednesday get together, grocery shopping, and then baking for the gang as well…equals…very, very, busy week!

The gathering of my Bible study gang went great! I loved the coral tulips I picked up for my center piece on the buffet! I also made a new fruit salad. It was fresh fruit cut up…I know…not a big deal and what’s so new about that…but I made a special syrup to go over it which included pineapple juice, lemon juice, orange juice concentrate, and honey! It was awesome and the little bit of lemon juice kept the fresh apples from turning brown! I also made an egg casserole with grated potato on the bottom, onion, cheese, peppers, and ham. It too was um…um…good! I think my favorite thing was the fresh brewed chocolate raspberry coffee!

Well, I’m in for a busy weekend as well! My daughter is in her Junior High School’s play! I’m so proud of her as she continues to prove to be a overcomer with her Asperger’s (high-functioning Autism). She will play a southern bell named Ruby who tells bad jokes! I’m told she has mastered the Southern accent! I can’t wait to see her perform!

Today, I’ll be busy making cookies for the cast of the play. They have a long practice ahead of them tonight and I volunteered to bring in some cookies. I think my chocolate chip cookies will be the ticket! I also need to find some shoes for my daughter to go with her costume…no slip on shoes allowed…it’s all she has in her closet! Drats! Maybe I’ll stop in at Salvation Army and see what they have on the shelf.


Fram Go Away!

I have a problem…




My hubby has a new friend…



He seems quite intrigued with her orange attire…



Her name is Fram…



I first discovered her here on top of the kitchen island…

Then moved her here by the garage door hoping he might get the hint I wanted her out of the house…

It didn’t work…

So I placed her here on his desk chair…

The next day I found her here…at least he isn’t making her feel to comfortable…

So, now I’ve placed her here…

Surely he will put her away now or…



Will she end up back here…LOL!!!

Chicken Pie

My kitchen table often looks like this…which really is a good thing! I usually have my Bible open on the table to some passage I’ve looked up or found intriguing. My nose is always in more than one book at a time and I always keep my note cards handy with a pen near.

Speaking of cards, my “Note of Encouragement” goes to an old college buddy of mine from my days at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA. Lisa Yancey and I have only recently been reunited by accident. She found me on Face book, but interestingly enough we sent messages back and forth for about a week 10 days before she realized we only lived 15 minutes away from each other! A couple of weeks ago we met up at Panera Bread for some coffee! She is an amazing woman who loves the Lord! You can read more about Lisa on my “Notes of Encouragement” page.

I’m kicking off the month of March with a bang and have already made a new dinner for my family. I’ve attempted Chicken Pot Pie tonight! It’s semi-homemade. I purchased a rotisserie whole chicken and pulled the meat from the bone. Then added a bag of frozen peas and carrots with one cup of frozen corn and threw it all in a large skillet with a can of 99% fat-free cream of chicken soup with a ½ can of water. I did, however, make my own pie crust from scratch. I’ll let you know the verdict of the chicken pie next post after my taste testers try it for dinner!

What can I say about the book, “Silver Boxes” by Florence Littauer…simply awesome! It spurs you on to encourage others in nifty ways with interesting stories and letters from people all over! It helped me understand why some people find it hard to accept a compliment (myself included) and gave me solutions as to how to approach different people…especially those who might not be warm and fuzzy. I would highly recommend it to anyone…men too! It gets five stars from me! Check out my “Book for March” page to see what I am reading this month! I’ve already started it and it too is awesome!

I’ve got to go…my timer just went off for the Chicken Pot Pie. I can’t wait to try it!



1,000 +

I big shout out of thanks to all who visit my blog! I reached over 1,000 hits this week! 

Well, this was the last week of February and I was to volunteer and paint a few rooms for Life Choices in Kutztown, PA, but they first needed to remove some wallpaper. It became a tougher job then they initially thought requiring much more elbow grease! They are to let me know when the outdated paper is finally all down and then I will paint it for them! 

My gal Ruth!

So, instead I helped another Tuesday with the Fleetwood Community Bus Service. It was a rainy dreary day, but the bus was filled with fun and laughter as me and my gals ventured out for a morning of errands and shopping! The Community Bus Service takes senior citizens out once a week allowing them to pick up prescriptions, bank, and groceries. This week we only had three ladies Ruth, Helen, and one other (her name has slipped my mind at the moment). We laughed and chatted about the Olympics, the weather, and can you believe they even watch The Bachelor! Forrest, the bus driver even informed me of the fish fry schedule at St. Mary’s in Kutztown. I’ll have to get to one on a Friday during Lent. 

I know many who know me well know I loose things…like my car keys…and yet I think I’m highly organized. It’s just when I put things away, sometimes I forget where I put them…LOL! This past week I misplaced my book for February, “Silver Boxes” by Flourence Littauer. I searched high and low for three days, but apparently not low enough. I found the book just prior to writing this post under the couch in the family room. I know I didn’t put it there, but amazingly no one else did either…go figure! I’m glad I found it because I have about 40 pages left to read before midnight tomorrow evening. Look for my review on Monday or Tuesday! 

I’m going to stick with a non-fiction book for the month of March. I have chosen, “My Prince Will Come”, by Sheri Rose Shepherd. Sheri is a very interesting lady who is both a writer and speaker. You can learn more about Sheri at www.hisprincess.com

I’ve had to go back and evaluate my New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately, this month I did not host a dinner party. I was taking care of myself physically adjusting my meds for depression. But, I did try a wonderful new recipe for cinnamon rolls that was out of this world! I found the recipe on www.allrecipes.com . It was called “Clone of a Cinnabon”. They weren’t kidding! They were simply scrumptious! I added a cream cheese frosting with butter and vanilla! 


Signing off for now so I might go and finish my book, “Silver Boxes”!

In light of the coming Nor’Easter scheduled to land in our area Wednesday evening, I decided to decorate my mantle for Spring! Yes, I said Spring! I need something a little more bright and cheerful to view, besides Easter is also less than six weeks away! I had such fun as I unwrapped my birds from the tissue paper.

“Lord, please let Spring come soon.” I prayed beneath my breath as a soft smile appeared.

Don’t you just love my cute little ceramic birds! I believe I bought these charming chirpers at Hobby Lobby when I lived in Humboldt, IA. I do look forward to the bright spot the Forsythia flower brings to the eye. Did you know yellow is psychologically known as the  happiest color in the color spectrum? The color yellow also stimulates mental awareness…which I need at the moment…LOL…activates memory…which

I need even more…and yellow also encourages communication…maybe it will spark my hubby into more talking!!!

When I lived in DeWitt, Iowa you could always catch me at least once a week at my favorite shop called, “Meant to Be”. My friend Kristi owns the shop and most of what you see on my mantle display I bought in her store. Hey Kristi, do you remember that big frame you gave me? I wonder how many other things she will remember from her shop

I think the mantle needs some additional contrasting color and texture after looking at these pictures. I’ll have to see what I can dig up in some of my other spring boxes. But for now, at least I will have a cheerful spot amidst the drab of winter!

Birthday Bash

Yesterday was my43rd birthday, but the entire weekend was filled with several celebrations. I went out to lunch Friday afternoon with a good friend and sister in Christ and Saturday evening my husband surprised with a wonderful dinner out with good friends. We visited an Italian eatery called, Mom Chaffee’s Cellarette, in West Reading, PA. I had succulent veal medallions with portabella mushroom ravioli. Did I just here you all say, “Yum!”. The dessert was even better…a creamy cheesecake with chocolate crumb crust topped with caramel and chocolate! 

Table set for dinner celebration!

My birthday was actually Sunday and it was a wonderful time with my family. I made homemade lasagna, a tossed salad, and fresh Italian bread. I also made the perfect apple pie with just the right combination of Granny Smith and Golden delicious apples for that mouth-watering zing of tart and sweet all at the same time! Don’t you love the salad bowl set given to me by my friend Bunny and her husband. Thanks guys! I know I’ll use it often! 

My new salad bowl set!

Enough about food, let’s move onto my February book called, “Silver Boxes” by Florence Littauer. It is a non-fiction book about the gift of encouragement! I love it and it is inspiring me to seek out ways to encourage others. It started out talking about silver boxes…moved on to secret boxes…then mailboxes…and the last chapter I read was about flower boxes. I loved the flowerbox chapter. 

“Are your planter boxes full of flowers or of weeds? 

February Book

I loved, loved, loved how it explained what a beautiful picture Romans 8:28 is…if you’re not familiar with this verse, I encourage you to look it up today! 

“How many of my bad choices in life has God changed and worked into flowers later on?” 

I’m sure you are thinking of a few things God worked for the good when at the time of its occurance it seemed so bad! 

I am actually sending two “Notes of Encouragement” this week. The first, goes to a good friend and sister in Christ I met in DeWitt, IA…Julie Krukow. The second, goes to a gal in the Berks County area named Jennifer. You can read more about these two ladies on my “Notes of Encouragement” page.

Come On Spring!

My backyard...I'm tired of snow!

In an effort to push spring forward and get rid of some of my winter blues, I quickly took down my Valentine Day decorations and did up my entry way for St. Patrick’s day.

I’m going to have to pray and ask God to help me continue to see His beauty in the snow fall, because all indicators show more fluffy stuff to come for our area!

The little leprechaun my youngest son colored in last St. Patricks Day. I’ll keep it forever!

I love the use of ribbon and playing with different textures when I decorate. When you mix some old with some new it creates magic for the onlooker!